Jacky business on a hot mid day

This guy took my lure just 3m from where i was standing on the rocks as i was retreiving my last cast and was preparing to take a break under the scorching sun. It completely took me by surprise as my rod bended and when i look down in that split second i saw a dark shadow running away and immediately my line hit the snag. It stubbornly refused to budge and i have no choice but to wait for it to come out of its hiding but maintain tension on the line. After a couple of mins i felt movement on the line and i immediately pumped and the fish was easily subdued to surface. On close examination i realised there was fray on the flurocarbon leader line..well i could have lose it :)


  1. Nice Jack. I hate it when fish bite right up close. Always scares the hello out of me.
    Tight lines

  2. u r right! thanks anywy