almost another cuda

Today was kind of eventful..venture beyond my usual spot as my regular spot was totally subsmerged in water...almost landed another Cuda at 2 in the afternoon but lost it due to my own folly of tryin to capture its final moments with camera in one hand and holdin on to the rod with a hookup fish on the other hand..never done this before.. The joker did manage to make a last desperate shakeoff when i was still tryin to snap more pics before gainin its freedom.You deserve it bro..thanks for the fight


nite cuda

Yesterday was with a kaki almost the entire day at our usual "backyard" but returned zero fighters. Today went back there again determine to finish up the work and this time we arrived in the afternoon at 4pm during the receeding tide and as usual we started luring nonstop but there were no takers and no sign of any biggies roaming the spot. At the 6.50pm mark while retrieving,suddenly out of nowhere a biggie just took my line and there started the tug of war The joker was subdued and have pics taken before reviving and releasing back to the water.By then it was already dark and we decided to leave the ground. Anyway a second Cuda for me in 2 weeks and a first in the nite.Hope you like it. Cheers!