a break from fishing did wonders indeed

Never knew a break from fishing did wonders for my fishing in particular this trip... ya take a month off fishing since i injured my hand . This trip was sweet as i have not hit the water for weeks and the weather was perfect . The water was pristine surprisingly as we got shower the night before. On this particular spot that i was standing on i could see into the water and its surrounding corals within the radius of 20m.

First cast was a Yozuri Tobimaru ocean blue floatin minnow at constant  high speed crankin to test the ground...yield nothin in all cast until the 5th when something slammed into my lure and took it underneath the water and before i could react to the tension of my line with just a few cranks of the handle the fish immediately burst off with my lure. Upon retrieving the line the Alberto's knot between the main and the leader were intact but the end of the leader suggest that there could be a slippage in connection to the lure..

Next comes my Yozuri Crystal Chartreuse suspension minnow... crank,twitch,crank,twitch.. castin over the corals and retreivin across into the coral patch... ya suicide mission as the lure can get snag easily haha.. On my 2nd cast with the lure cuttin across into the coral, i saw it so clearly that a dark shadow came out of the coral and grabbed the lure and dived back in...this time i aint gonna loose it.man...maintain my line tension and slowly pumped in the guy.. :)


out of action!

well well what can i say...i got into an accident while fishing and that will have me grounded for some time. I got a nasty gash on my palm just below my thumb when i slipped and fell on the slippery rocks. Thank God i didn't break my arm as it could have been much worst as i fell on my buttock with my right hand breakin the fall  but the cut was deep to cause blood to ooze profusely and all this happened when i was all alone on a deserted spot far away from human traffic. With my right hand injured and in pain i have to start packin my gear at a greater speed with my weaker left hand. All this while i have to stay calm and i confessed i did panick initially but the peace of God was with me,thank u Lord Jesus!  Ya u may wonder how i stop my bleeding.. i used my Buff headgear to exert pressure on the wound and wrapped  tightly round it and immediately trekked  out of the spot to seek medical treatment.So never belittle this simple piece of headwear from Buff, it could save ur life so bring a few pieces with u the next time haha..

                               cleanin up the wound

                               6 stitches

 All pics courtesy of my left hand which is alive and kickin through the whole surgical process :)

My apology to people who are offended by the gory pics but i guess its a good reminded to us fishoes that we should practice caution in risky places or any other places for that matter. Hope to see u guys soon. Goodbye for now :)