The fish that started it all

Finally caught this Queenie on my 5th visits to this spot.I remember on my 1st visit,my insufficient 10 lb line of less than 50m together with my Magnum were completely stripped away and snapped.The followin day,i was well equipped with a full spool of 15 lb line with new Magnum. Guess what? the smartie escaped by shakin itself free on the water surface some 30m away from me after a hookup. The followin 3rd and 4th visits yield nothin at all . Finally today,i registered my 1st successful hookup in this area during the incomin tide at 815am. And this fish starts me on the road to lure fishing exclusively haha..


look above me and saw this majestic bird.. also near my lake area.. too bad couldn't get enough of a closeup due to the limitation of my camera:(

some more pics..this guy is cool lookin..



Recently make a comeback in this hobby after laying off for about a year. Now starting to set up a tank for Tangayika cichlids. Here are pics of some inhabitants in my tank.