almost another cuda

Today was kind of eventful..venture beyond my usual spot as my regular spot was totally subsmerged in water...almost landed another Cuda at 2 in the afternoon but lost it due to my own folly of tryin to capture its final moments with camera in one hand and holdin on to the rod with a hookup fish on the other hand..never done this before.. The joker did manage to make a last desperate shakeoff when i was still tryin to snap more pics before gainin its freedom.You deserve it bro..thanks for the fight


nite cuda

Yesterday was with a kaki almost the entire day at our usual "backyard" but returned zero fighters. Today went back there again determine to finish up the work and this time we arrived in the afternoon at 4pm during the receeding tide and as usual we started luring nonstop but there were no takers and no sign of any biggies roaming the spot. At the 6.50pm mark while retrieving,suddenly out of nowhere a biggie just took my line and there started the tug of war The joker was subdued and have pics taken before reviving and releasing back to the water.By then it was already dark and we decided to leave the ground. Anyway a second Cuda for me in 2 weeks and a first in the nite.Hope you like it. Cheers!


cuda today

Today is my day again, at 3pm at my favourite spot i landed a Barracuda. I have swapped my usual lure to a new Alive casting spell suspension lure. Cheers


2nd Queenie

Hi guys,went to my favourite spot again this morning.The sky was already dark with slight drizzle as i walked this trail that lead me to my usual hunting ground.As i have not posted anything since my last CR which was about 3 months ago, which indeed shows that i was goin through a dry spell like any other fishoes but never did i know that today was indeed my day Reached my spot at 10am in anticipation of the high tide at 1130am.Quickly settle down to luring with a Yozuri red head minnow on a newly acquired used Berkley lightning rod from a fellow kaki from his "quit fishing sale" . On my 3rd cast some 30m away while retrieving the lure,suddenly there was a heavy tug as my rod bent and out went the stripping of lines from my cheapo Penn Capitiva.After some heart thumping moments the acrobatic Queenie was subdued within 10 mins which surprisingly was quite effortless compared to my first Queenie 3 months ago at the same spot.I guess the heavier action of this Berkley rod really K.O. this Queenie much earlier compared to my previous Fenwick but not so fun really Shots were taken courtesy of a "spearer"(yes a guy with a fork- liked harpon roaming the river banks). Since he was so nice i gave the catch to him.Carry on luring for another 15mins but have to packup as my spot was totally submerged below knee level, anyway by then it started to downpour.All in all,this session just lasted for half an hour. Cheers


The fish that started it all

Finally caught this Queenie on my 5th visits to this spot.I remember on my 1st visit,my insufficient 10 lb line of less than 50m together with my Magnum were completely stripped away and snapped.The followin day,i was well equipped with a full spool of 15 lb line with new Magnum. Guess what? the smartie escaped by shakin itself free on the water surface some 30m away from me after a hookup. The followin 3rd and 4th visits yield nothin at all . Finally today,i registered my 1st successful hookup in this area during the incomin tide at 815am. And this fish starts me on the road to lure fishing exclusively haha..


look above me and saw this majestic bird.. also near my lake area.. too bad couldn't get enough of a closeup due to the limitation of my camera:(

some more pics..this guy is cool lookin..



Recently make a comeback in this hobby after laying off for about a year. Now starting to set up a tank for Tangayika cichlids. Here are pics of some inhabitants in my tank.