2nd Queenie

Hi guys,went to my favourite spot again this morning.The sky was already dark with slight drizzle as i walked this trail that lead me to my usual hunting ground.As i have not posted anything since my last CR which was about 3 months ago, which indeed shows that i was goin through a dry spell like any other fishoes but never did i know that today was indeed my day Reached my spot at 10am in anticipation of the high tide at 1130am.Quickly settle down to luring with a Yozuri red head minnow on a newly acquired used Berkley lightning rod from a fellow kaki from his "quit fishing sale" . On my 3rd cast some 30m away while retrieving the lure,suddenly there was a heavy tug as my rod bent and out went the stripping of lines from my cheapo Penn Capitiva.After some heart thumping moments the acrobatic Queenie was subdued within 10 mins which surprisingly was quite effortless compared to my first Queenie 3 months ago at the same spot.I guess the heavier action of this Berkley rod really K.O. this Queenie much earlier compared to my previous Fenwick but not so fun really Shots were taken courtesy of a "spearer"(yes a guy with a fork- liked harpon roaming the river banks). Since he was so nice i gave the catch to him.Carry on luring for another 15mins but have to packup as my spot was totally submerged below knee level, anyway by then it started to downpour.All in all,this session just lasted for half an hour. Cheers

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