A fighting Grouper

Back from hiatus to be exact 6 months of inacitivity but was blessed today with a surprisingly feisty Grouper not known for its fightin forte. This guy got the characteristics of a mangrove jack surprisingly.  Also 1st time using a head mounted videocam so let the pic and video do the talkin :) Cheers

Final shot before releasing it back into the water.


Deformed Grouper

Have an extended Chinese New Year weekend holiday break.. packed my gear and head to the shore. Never expected much as it has been rainin non stop almost everyday of the week..look what i got today...i know its a grouper but then its head doesn't look like one with a hump head, popout eyes, flatten nose and broad mouth. It refuses to lay sideway like most fishes will do on land but kept layin upright as the pic show.. its like tellin me hey what u want with me ya?.. quite scary though lol..


year end consolation at least...

finally got something after many weeks of nothing... but still lamenting over the got away biggie Bara last week.. the guy slammed onto my minnow just 5m from me and make a turnaround  2o'clock dash for about 30m before leaping out of water..on near max drag on my Calcutta TE ...suddenly it seems to have given up abruptly and i was able to retreive my line quite effortless but when it saw me it make another attempt to towards the pylon at 10'oclock and before i realized it actually got itself wrap round it and broken itself free when i lost the tension of the line with my lure got embedded on the pylon wall. What a dirty player..i got owned :(

now this one below is nothin to shout about ...at least i didnt end with nothin for the year.. To all my friends out there a blessed new year with abundance of line screamer :)


the new RV03

...haha got myself a new version Abu Garcia Revo Inshore . Can't wait to test it out but then i still love my faithful 1st love(old Inshore) despite all the bruises and scars it has.. Speedwise is different though 7:1 to 6.3:1

Old and new but brothers in arms....at a glance i thought the new guy(left) is a Winch model

X2 alloy frame increases corrosion resistance.  C6 carbon side plates provide weight reduction without sacrificing strength and durability. Taken from specs, shall see how it fare on field :)


pest control

Just a sweet couple of hours getaway from city life matters alot. A 3 ft pest is quite fun on light line :)

Greedy little one without a care in the world if the lure is as big as itself