birthday gift for wifey

Today has been a good day for me not only landin my 1st wild Kim in my huntin ground of Queens and Cudas but also fulfillin what i promised my wife to land her a fish on her birthday today. As i have experienced long periods of dry spell so today's catch was kind of a relieve and joy. Started to lure at 7am coverin the lengths of the river bank and with the hours tickin by and arms achin i was expectin another disappointment as there were no sign of biggies chasin baitfishes despite plenty baitfishes swimmin in unison. At 10am sharp i was almost callin it quit when i decided to give another cast and out of nowhere about 10m from the sandbar, bam! something took my line and i thought its another pest Baracuda but no its a Kim with its acrobatic jumps and flips. But to be honest its no fighter compared to a Queen but i'm happy it was landed. As there wasn't anyone around i have to use the timer mode to capture the shots and it didn't really turn out well but good enough. The fish was then released to fight for another day. Cheers

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